The family roastery had a name, quality coffee and drive to start. And so she turned to us to prepare for her everything that is necessary to start the brand.

Strategy — Identity — E-shop — Production — Copywriting — Social media kit — Product design


The KAAN brand is built on communication that is simple but not boring. Memorable, but not intrusive. Built primarily on a quality product, family atmosphere and love for craftsmanship.


E-shop created for B2C and B2B customers with a memorable design unified with the brand identity and with a simple purchase process.


The yellow ones. This was the goal when creating a brand whose color is one of the basic identifying marks to differentiate and separate from the wide range of competitors.


We designed a distinctive, yet minimalist packaging, which, thanks to its color, is easily recognizable on store shelves, cafes, but also in the digital environment.


Part of our work was the creation of all other production materials necessary for long-term operation on the market and communication with the customer.

"At Lemon and Lime, they are friendly, direct and human. We definitely recommend it. Thanks to the result of their work, people cooperate with us and buy from us.''

Karol Kraus
Founder KAAN


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