Finest Rum Festival

The tasting experience event for the public brought an atmosphere of exoticism not only to the city center, but to every point of its communication.

Strategy — Identity — Website — Production — Copywriting — Product design - Campaign


Lively, playful and engaging brand communication that is characteristic of the event's theme. In addition to the legible logotype, symbols and colorful illustrations took care of the atmosphere.


A simple bilingual one page presentation site has the task of attracting old and new visitors, providing them with basic information and visualizing the attractiveness of the event.


For the event, we created graphic materials for online and offline campaign communication. Billboards, citylights, banners and other materials for production and advertising.


The event required the creation of many interesting touchpoints, the task of which was to increase the experience of the event, its quality and overall impression.

"Thanks to you, your help and creativity, we have taken the event to a higher level and I have no doubt that the next one will be better."

Marián Beliš


People attend the event


People is a fan of the brand
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