Strawberry night

We brought a unique event to the third largest city in Slovakia with a theme that can compete with international destinations.

Strategy — Idea — Website — Production — Copywriting — Merchandise — Campaign


The concept of the event is based on an original experience that can be tasted or smelled. We transformed a busy street into an unrecognizable one, and we also involved the traffic on that street in the event.


The task of a simple one-page presentation website is to briefly but attractively explain all the necessary information about the event, show the atmosphere and present the businesses that have joined the cooperation.


For the event, we covered the preparation and creation of complete communication materials, presentation materials and materials for the online and offline campaign.


A rich entertainment and cultural program and the involvement of businesses with a tailor-made strawberry offer were key elements for the success of the event and the fulfillment of its purpose.


Strawberry night is part of the activities of the Strawberry city brand, which we have been building for a long time as a private client activity for the development of tourism and the business environment for the third largest city in Slovakia.

"Thanks to you, your help and creativity, we have taken the event to a higher level and I have no doubt that the next race will be better again."

Marián Beliš


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