A highly specialized educational and publication center in the field of law needed to restart communication and e-shop presentation.

Strategy — Identity — E-shop — Produkction — Copywriting — Merchandise — Product design


Laws and law are given. The identity of the brand is based on this, whose clean lines represent a solid foundation, and a stack of books has become a symbol, as a reference to the wisdom and focus of the business model.


A specific e-shop that offers educational activities, publication products, but also a special locked section with an extensive amount of content in the field of law.


We designed, prepared and managed the production of several important brand touchpoints. Book covers, presentation materials, but also aids for students.


The goal of the photo production was to present the educational institution, its lecturers and experts, as well as the atmosphere of the meetings during the educational activities.


The Sotac brand was part of the demanding task of redesigning two brands that reside under one roof and complement each other. The other was a law firm.

,,Flexibility, good communication, the ability to understand needs, to give advice, to respond to specific requirements and needs, even a seemingly unsolvable problem. That's lemon and lime.''

Martin Sotolář
Lecturer SOTAC

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