An established law firm with a 60-year history gathered courage and decided to completely define its communication.

Strategy — Identity — Website — Production — Copywriting — Merchandise


An identity built on solid foundations, clean lines and the initial of the letter S, which is also formed into a paragraph symbol, typical for this profession.


Presentation website completed with a locked user environment, with content to which only approved members of the target group can access.


Part of the work was the design and production of all communication touchpoints that represent the brand from the inside out.


To capture the atmosphere in the law office and personify its representatives, we implemented a photo production.


The challenge of the project was that it consisted of the complete creation of two separate brands, whose character should appear similar, even if their focus is different.

,,Flexibility, good communication, the ability to understand needs, to give advice, to respond to specific requirements and needs, even a seemingly unsolvable problem. That's lemon and lime.''

Martin Sotolář

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